Elementary schools may have a maximum of two (2) parties per year. One is before the winter break and the other is at the end of the school year. Orange County School Board Policy No. 5133 states: “A Principal, as administrative and supervisory head of the school, is legally responsible for all school sponsored activities.” A school-sponsored activity is any activity planned at school and supervised by school personnel. Birthday parties or any other type of class celebration other than winter break and end of school are not allowed. This includes bringing treats to the cafeteria. This decision is based on health and safety issues, and will be followed explicitly, with no exceptions.  The principal may approve additional celebrations for academic or school related student/staff recognition purposes. 

Birthday Bites Classroom Celebrations!
Food and Nutrition Services is providing parents the opportunity to celebrate their child's birthday at school. The Food Service Manager will provide compliant food items that can be ordered and prepared for the birthday child's class. Please click on the link below to complete the order form.  Payment will be via your School Pay account.  These items will be handed out at recess or at a time the teacher deems appropriate that doesn’t take away from instructional time.


Birthday Bites Order Form